To record the conversation or not to record the conversation….

Broker Protect

I have picked up in almost all of the PI claims for brokers that cross my table that it seems we do not record our conversations with our clients during personal consultations. Maybe we feel uncomfortable or are afraid what clients might think.

The reality is that a client that feels you acted negligently or gave wrong advise is almost always very emotional and, willingly or not, tend to forget conversations and topics discussed in the past.

It is perfectly fine to record your consultations with your clients. This link will take you to a very good legal article covering the topic.
Make 100% sure that all crucial information is passed on to the client and recording the conversation covers both you and the client.

This can be done openly and honestly and should not create negativity. I think most people realise that FSP’s are being regulated very strictly.

Don’t feel bad recording your conversation, it will help your client in the future when they cannot recall what was said.

Keep safe